Ep 1 : New Journey

When I was small I really love travelling but I never thought about solo travelling. I always thought I need a group to enjoy my life. It is true for some extend and it is best if you can adjust yourself to enjoy your own company. Since I am travelling alone I got lots of attention from my peers and I was kind of like that fame.  "You travelled a lot" "That place looks really good" "I wish I can travel like you" "You are enjoying your life a lot"  Those compliments are regular and thanks to my drone, comments were even better. As I said before initially it was for my pure enjoyment and explore the world as much as possible. After some time with that all massive positive feedback I think I travelled to maintain my status. I thought that "Traveller" badge is a kind of recognition that I got from society is one of the achievements in my life. After some time with all that fame driven travelling I thought about starting something from this.

Suvarnabhumi airport public transportation guide

In order to take the public transportation you need to go first floor and then take the exit three.  Then cross the road and move towards car park area. Then you will see a place with chairs and a hut. Alternatively you can exit from arrival floor exit number 5 and cross the road and walk until you see the shuttle bus sign. Then take the bus A or C to go public transportation center. This is the time table of the shuttle bus service. If you have a connecting flight from Don mueng airport you can take the free shuttle service from airport. Just asked the information counter. For this service you need to have a valid ticket that shows you have a flight. I think this is the cheapest way to go Bangkok city center. Departing Suvarnabhumi Public Transportation Center. Buses run between 4-5.00 am and 10-11 p.m. S1 Suvarnabhumi Airport ↔ Sanamluang Bus Terminal Suvarnabhumi Airport - Mission Hospital - Democracy Monument - National Gallery - - Sanamluang Bus Terminal 554  Bangk

National Museum of Royal Barges

Location:  Google maps link This is one of the unique journeys that I ever had. If you charter a long tail boat then its kind of easy to find that location and less hassle. most of the long tail boats are have this place on their itinerary. since I am a low budget guy and I have more time to explore the kingdom I took Chao Phraya express boat service and get down at Phra pin Kloa Bridge pier. After that google map is your friend. You have to walk along pavements and it's a unique Bangkok experience.   It was a really good place to see really cool looking Barges. entrance ticket is 100B and you need to buy another ticket for your camera. that is the bad part. since we are paying 100B entrance fee it should be free to take photos. other than that it was recommended place to see if you have time ;)  Thanks, Josep ;)  see you on another trip ;)  special thanks go to Josep to join with me this experience. 

Piccadilly Bangkok

Location:  google maps link If you want to get the feeling of the Piccadilly Bangkok, This is the place you should consider.  Its nice but most of the shops are closed and nothing to do much. But it was a great location to take some photos. We went there by BTS and Truck combination. First went to On Nut BTS station then you can take 519 buses or Truck. Don't worry just jump into any truck going on On Nut road. Since locals are not familiar with the name "Piccadilly", you can either show the google map location or just follow the google maps and just get down at the right place. ;) its free and you can take as much as photos you want :P  For this trip Darshana and Nalan also joined ;)

Lopburi Sunflower Fields

This is a seasonal trip and from November to February you can be alone in a huge sunflower field. There are three ways of doing this trip. ·         Join Thailand State railway trip to Lopburi ·         Catch a train to Lopburi and do it by yourself ·         Go by bus or mini van We initially called the state railway and ask about this, unfortunately this is mid-November. They still didn’t have any plans for this sunflower trip. Then we moved to the second option unfortunately we couldn’t find a space in an express train and we have to go with the last option. Go by minivan. Since Rangsit is the closest city, we took a minivan from the Rangsit van station. To find the exact location, please ask the ticket counters in Rangsit. Cost is 90B. Local Bus to Sunflower fields Tourist map of Lopburi After reaching the Lopburi main bus station we realized that we have passed our destination bus stand and need to take another bus. So please tell the van driver whe

Sukhothai Dawn of Happiness

I started my journey from the Rangsit station around 12 midnight. I planned to go by morning train and since it’s a long weekend I couldn’t find a place  in the express train. I always recommend the express train because the rapid train is so slow L .  Plenty of legs space I reached Phitsanulok around 4.30am. Surprisingly, as mentioned in the ticket. Then I have to take a motorbike for the Phitsanulok bus station to catch a minibus to Sukhothai. At the Phitsanulok bus station you can easily found the ticket counters and I think there are some brokers more than happy assist you. Mini bus fare to Sukhothai is 50B and it’s a one hour ride. Phitsanulok Bus station  I made a big mistake here when the minivan arrived to Sukhothai I get down from the van but in Sukhothai there are two towns old and new. Historical Park is situated in old town. Better to ask driver whether the van is going to old town. I get down at new town and I have to spend 150B to